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Girls Varsity Swimming · Girls Varsity Swimming finishes 1st place at Sag Conf. Prelims @ Crawfordsville HS

  Place Points
Lebanon High School 1st 0
Frankfort High School 1st 0
Southmont Senior High School 1st 0
Tri-West High School 1st 0
Western Boone High School 1st 0
North Montgomery High School 1st 0
Crawfordsville High School 1st 0
Danville High School 1st 0

Thursday was the Prelims for the Conference Championship, and the Southmont girls did an excellent job! Many swimmers showed up to race, dropped lots of time, and many placed well going into Saturday Finals. Two-thirds of the individual swims were best times! No points are scored on Thursday, only Saturday. An explanation of who swims Saturday is given below.

Best Times (total dropped time = 34.18 sec)
Cassidy Bowlin (200 IM drop 4.5 sec, 100 Br drop .66 sec); Cassie Doyle (500 Fr drop 5.75 sec, 100 Br drop .52 sec); Shannon Isenberg (100 Fly drop .96 sec); Aubrey Jones (100 Fly drop 5.75 sec, 100 Ba drop .25 sec); Lexie Odum (50 Fr drop 1.49 sec); Suzi Pedrop (100 Br drop 3.09 sec); Megan Scheidler (200 Fr drop 2.27 sec, 500 Fr drop 2.03 sec); Krista Sixberry (100 Fr drop .11 sec, 100 Ba drop 2.31 sec); Lauren Tricker (100 Ba drop .86 sec); Emma Tyler (500 Fr drop 1.03 sec); Erin Williams (200 IM drop 2.6 sec)

Since this is a Prelims/Finals type meet, places 1-8 on Thursday advance to Finals and 9-16 advance to Consolation Finals on Saturday. 17th and 18th place are Alternate swimmers. Below is what they finished Thursday and seeded going into Saturday; this is not their final placement.

Cassidy Bowlin – 200 IM (14th); 100 Br (16th)
Kelsey Dugger – 200 Fr (13th); 100 Fr (14th)
Shannon Isenberg – 50 Fr (12th); 100 Fly (13th)
Aubrey Jones – 100 Fly (14th); 100 Ba (9th)
Lexie Odum – 50 Fr (Second Alternate)
Suzi Pedro – 200 Fr (10th); 100 Br (9th)
Megan Scheidler – 200 Fr (5th); 500 Fr (8th)
Jane Scheidler – 50 Fr (1st); 100 Fr (1st)
Krista Sixberry – 100 Ba (15th)
Emma Tyler – 200 IM (2nd); 500 Fr (3rd)
Erin Williams – 100 Fly (Second Alternate)

SAC Swim Finals is on Saturday, January 13th, at Crawfordsville HS starting at 1:30. Diving Prelims/Semis/Finals will be held that morning starting at 9 AM.